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Live Beneath Your Means

Live Beneath Your Means

"Live beneath your means, invest that money so while you're still young, you can be retired."

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10 Habits of the Most Successful Young Entrepreneurs 

10 Habits of the Most Successful Young Entrepreneurs

Success can come in all shapes and sizes. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some key aspects to success that everyone should focus on. If you’re a young entrepreneur just entering the business world, or you’re hoping to help an aspiring businessperson reach their goals, keep these 10 habits in mind.

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Latina Talent is Key to the Future of U.S. Technology Workforce 

Latina Talent is Key to the Future of U.S. Technology Workforce

Research shows that diverse teams construct the most innovative technology solutions. In a global economy, competitive advantage comes from the ability to create services, products, and customer experiences that are as broad and creative as the people they serve. An influx of Latinas into technical fields can help to inspire ingenuity, to accelerate productivity, and to improve how people interact with technology.

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Are You A Power Latina?

Are You A Power Latina?

One of the mantras of The Adelante Movement is that in order to be economically, socially and politically empowered we must support each other. We are family, which means we must buy from each other ; and we must promote each other. The Adelante Movement will promote each one of you. We want you to shine, to be seen, to be bragged about to our children and to appear as experts in mainstream media.

Tell us why you should be the next Adelante Power Latina.

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Nely's Corner

Bravo!!! Gina Rodriguez won the Golden Globe last night for her role as Jane the Virgin on the CW.

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