Meet Dolores Huerta: Iconic Activist & Women’s Advocate

Dolores Huerta is one of the most important women of our century. She is an iconic civil rights activist, women’s rights leader, and social justice advocate who created the famous rallying cry, ‘Sí se puede”. Now, on the eve of turning 90 years old, Dolores shares with us the wisdom gained from her incredible life experiences.

Dolores has led an extraordinary life, becoming a powerful voice for farmworkers and women, standing up to racism and discrimination, surviving near-death police violence, and affecting policy change and new laws, (all while raising children and going through divorce). Her work has earned multiple awards including The Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama, the highest civilian award in the United States.

The legacy of Dolores’s fight for justice is still relevant today, especially during this difficult moment for Latinos in our country. Honed over her lifetime as an activist, Dolores gives insight on how we as women can embrace our power, come together and organize to create positive change.

4 Lessons to Take from Dolores Right Now

The World Needs Women

The world needs women’s voices, intuition, activity, and leadership. When we listen to our inner voice, have faith in ourselves, and get the courage to speak out, the world is much better off. Giving ourselves power enables us to create a more peaceful world, affecting change around education, healthcare, women’s rights and beyond.

Be Courageous

Women often don’t speak up because we’re afraid we will be criticized for being too ‘assertive’ or the ‘b’ word. Have the courage to speak up, use your voice and take leadership. Disregard the criticism, ignore the negative comments and just keep working with the knowledge that you are doing so to help other people.

Harness Your Financial Power

Building and controlling wealth is the pathway to the change you want to see. As the number one consumers and fastest-growing entrepreneurs in the U.S., women of color can harness their economic power to change systems, achieve positions of power, and get candidates elected. Building wealth puts women in a position to decide where resources go, as well as create laws and policies that effect women and children. 

It’s Not about Wonder Woman, it’s about Wonder People

Every one of us should feel that we are special, and that we can do something to make a difference.  You don’t have to be a super hero to make things happen – it’s ordinary people that do extraordinary things. One person can never do it alone. It takes people coming together to make things happen.