From Forbes: From Teen Mom To 3 MIT Degrees: This Latina Shares Her Secrets To Making The Most Of Your Career

Vivian Nunez, Forbes, Nov 17, 2016 Noramay Cadena is a #bosslady in all aspects of her life. As the daughter of immigrants, she understood the intricacies of growing up in a Latino family, the responsibility that it entails and the opportunity that living in the United States affords her. As a teen mom, she understood that the example ...

From the Latin Post: Latinos Still Leading Digital Entertainment Trends

Robert Schoon, – Oct 20, 2015 For years, Latinos, and especially the millennial generation, have been trendsetters in technology adoption: Latinos tend to own and purchase smartphones at a higher rate than the general population, for example, and their entertainment choices have tended towards adopting digital options in greater numbers and at greater intensity than other demographics. According to a recent ...

From the Latin Post: Facebook & Lean In’s Sheryl Sandberg on How Everyone Can Promote Diversity

Robert Schoon, – Dec 16, 2015 Silicon Valley has a diversity problem, and despite working for a year to create more diverse workplaces with higher levels of Latinos, blacks and women, progress has been slow. But there are bright minds at work on solutions, which is one reason why Facebook COO and Founder Sheryl Sandberg discussed diversity during an ...