From Entrepreneur: 5 Tools You Need to Build Your Passive Income ‘Empire’

Sujan Patel, – Feb 29, 2016 Passive income — money you make on the side with little effort — is the hottest way to build wealth, and for good reason: Millionaires, entrepreneurs and the average Joe all understand that passive income makes it easier to compound your overall returns even further. Generate enough passive income, and suddenly you have the chance to ...

14 Different Ways the Shared Economy Can Help You Become SELF MADE

Isn’t it nuts that we live in an age where having a Smartphone and an Internet connection are two of the only things you need to actually make a little money? While no one really knows what the future of the shared economy will hold, for the moment it’s a win-win for everyone: the culture of startups not only creates ...

7 Ways to Create Your Side Hustle

When it comes to becoming SELF MADE, we talk a lot about flexing your entrepreneurial muscle. But that said, we also like to keep it real—which means we’re clear on the fact that everyone isn’t always at a point in their lives where they can drop everything and launch a business. So while we wholeheartedly advocate a message of getting ...