From Consumer Affairs: How to Get a Business Loan – Where to look and how to prepare to fund your small business

Kate Williams, Ph.D, Consumer Affairs Introduction According to The SBA Loan Book: The Complete Guide to Getting Financial Help Through the Small Business Administration, over 99 percent of all business entities in the US are small businesses. These businesses represent over half of the private workforce and the private-sector output and over 40 percent of all private commercial sales in ...

From The Latin Post: ‘Opportunity Gap’ Measured in Trillions of Dollars for Latino Business Owners: Report

Robert Schoon, – Nov 12, 2015 A new study from the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative (SLEI) shows that while the proportion of Latino-owned business is expanding in the U.S. at a rapid clip, an opportunity gap is hampering what could be over a trillion dollars worth of economic activity. The new report from SLEI, an organization dedicated to empower ...

From the Latin Post: United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Announces Plan To Invest in Small Business

Robert C. Welch III, – Aug 11, 2015 The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) recently announced a plan that will help small business owners and entrepreneurs apply for financial support and capital assistance. The USHCC-SBCC Capital Initiative is a new partnership between the USHCC and Small Business Community Capital II, L.P. (SBCC), according to a press release from the USHCC. SBCC ...

8 Different Ways to Access Hidden Money in Your Life

If someone told you there was a stash of cash laying around in your house somewhere, would you not do everything in your power to find it? Well, we’re here to tell you there is. It may not be a wad of hundreds neatly bundled in crisp new bills with a pink bow tied around it, but believe us when ...