Nely Galan


Nely Galán is a self-made media entrepreneur She was the first Latina President of Entertainment for a U.S. television network- Telemundo, and an Emmy Award winning producer of over 700 television shows in English and Spanish, including the hit reality series, “The SWAN” for 20th Century Fox, which she produced through her multi-media company Galan Entertainment. Her company also launched over 10 television channels abroad for companies like HBO, ESPN, FOX, MGM and Sony.

Galan took a mid -career sabbatical, completing a masters and doctorate Clinical Psychology, where she decided to focus on the Psychology of Money, in multicultural communities. She then authored The New York Times bestselling book SELF MADE, Becoming Empowered, Self-Reliant, and Rich in Every Way (2016) (published in English, Spanish and Mandarin) about the revolution in women’s entrepreneurship led by multicultural women in the U.S. and emerging women around the world, out this fall in paperback. Her digital platform, reaches over 500,000 women monthly and hosts content in financial literacy, and Self-Made stories of women of color and webinars. She has trained over 1 million women of color in entrepreneurship in person and online. Galán teaches women and their families that if we all focus on becoming financially self-reliant, we can overcome any obstacle.

Since then, Galán has founded The Adelante Movement non-profit, to empower and train specifically Latina women both economically as well as entrepreneurially (in Spanish and English), where she now serves as a director on the board. Galan is excited to work with this very prestigious board and to pass the torch to the organization’s new chair.