Meet Sandra Cisneros: Internationally & Nationally Renowned Novelist, Poet & Activist

Sandra Cisneros is an internationally renowned Latina novelist, poet and activist, most famously known for authoring The House on Mango Street. Among many honors, she is a MacArthur Genius Fellow and earned the National Medal of the Arts Awardee from President Barack Obama.

As Sandra celebrates her 64th birthday, Nely Galán sits down with her for an intimate conversation about her life and experiences as a Latina artist. Sandra reveals what she’s learned along the way, and shares how at 64, she continues to reinvent herself by doing new projects and performing on stage. She is giving herself permission to be the person she dreamed of being as a child.  

4 Lessons to Take from Sandra Right Now

You Are On a Camino Sagrado, a Sacred Path

Each of us is on a sacred path. Embracing that you are on a sacred path allows you to give your own life more importance. Live intentionally, knowing you are on this earth to learn something and be in service of others.

Embrace and Celebrate your Age

A woman who owns her own power is how Sandra Cisneros defines a chingona. Sandra is very proud to become 64 and owns every age of her life. The older we get, the more we come into our own power. We define our own path, and we care less about what other people think and more about how we feel and look for ourselves.

Care for your Body AND Spirit

In life there are times where we may experience deep valleys. In order to keep going, you can’t always do it alone. Take care of the wounds in your heart by surrounding yourself with people who can help, like therapists or spiritual advisors, without being ashamed of seeking support. Taking care of your spirit is just as important as taking care of your body.

The World is a House on Fire

The world is a house on fire, and people we love are in that house. It’s important for us to be part of the solution and not the problem, in whatever way we can. Whether it’s through activism, raising your voice, educating the public or simple acts of kindness like sharing positive thoughts, we can be in service to others and be part of the solution.