From The Latin Post: Report Unveils Top Workplaces for Hispanics and Latinos

Nicole Akoukou Thompson, – Dec 2, 2015


People en Español and Essence linked up with Fortune and Great Place to Work to choose which U.S. companies best met the needs of multicultural employees. Also, they learned which companies selected diversity as one of their top priorities and which offered the best environment for Hispanic employees, with regards to pride, atmosphere, rewards, communication and great bosses.

No less than 630 companies were investigated and reviewed to develop a “best of the best” list. The winning companies are ones that focus on creating a workplace that encourages wellness and transparency. Also, top companies needed to employ at least 15 percent women and 15 percent people of color in order to be considered.

Conversations were had with employees about insider politics, favoritism, fairness of promotions, professional development, access to senior leadership, reliability, positive experiences of diverse employees, and connection with fellow co-workers. Employees were asked a total of 58 questions, and the survey established an understanding of what makes a comfortable workplace for diverse-identified employees.

In addition to compiling a the top 10 companies for employees for Hispanic/Latino, African-American and Asian-identified employees, report authors published 100 Best Companies to Work For, geared toward the general market. Interestingly, there’s no overlap when comparing the 10 Best Companies to Work to 10 Best Workplaces for Hispanics and Latinos.

10. The Cheesecake Factory, a casual restaurant chain with more than more than 50 signature cheesecakes, was named one of best places for Latinos to work due to perks and health benefits, opportunities for advancement, investment into wellness of employees, compensation programs, and appreciation programs. The average salary and additional cash compensation for servers is $44,168, and the average salary for a Restaurant Manager is $70,294. Approximately 37 percent of the Cheesecake Factory’s employees are Hispanic and/or Latino, and 60 percent of the employees are non-white. Eighty-nine percent of the Hispanic/Latino employees surveyed said the Cheesecake Factory was a great place to work.

9. CarMax, the largest used car dealership in the United States, has been called an inherently diverse company. Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, 43 percent of its employees are non-white, and 16 percent are Hispanic/Latino. Also, 25 percent of employees are women. The average salary and additional cash compensation for a Sales Consultant is $44,000, and it’s $55,500 for a Purchasing Associate. Employees benefit from perks that make their lives easier (fitness classes, weight water meetings, subsidized lunch, free beverages), compensation programs, health insurance, and work-life balance programs.

8. Nugget Market, the exceptional grocery chain founded in 1926, is an ideal workplace for diverse employees. Approximately 24 percent of Nugget’s employees are Hispanic/Latino, and they benefit from comprehensive health care plans, companywide tournaments, discounts, and an hourly wage of $17.53 for cashiers (compared with $10.37 for grocery cashiers nationally). Nationally, Store Managers earn about $82,790 and Store Directors earn $98,500 annually. Nearly 90 percent (88 percent) of Hispanic/Latino employees said it’s a great workplace.

7. Scripps Health, the Southern California hospital system, has a labor force where more than half of their employees are non-white (51 percent). Approximately 19 percent of employees are Hispanic and/or Latino, and 90 percent of Hispanic/Latino employees surveyed said it’s a great workplace. More than three-quarters (76 percent) of employees are women. Employees enjoy leadership programs, benefit programs, movie nights and retirement programs. The average salary and additional cash compensation for a Registered Nurse is $102,741 and it’s $146,439 for a Manager/Director. Also, on-site package/mailing services, personal concierge service, fitness classes, personal concierge service, personal travel service are made available to staff.

6. USAA, the military-focused financial service company, employs veterans, and employees of color make up 45 percent of the labor force. Additionally, 31 percent of employees are Hispanic/Latino and 54 percent are women. Approximately 94 percent believe USAA is a great workplace.

5. Baptist Health South Florida, the non-profit healthcare and hospital system, have a labor force that’s 53 percent Hispanic/Latino. Also, 94 percent of Latino employees stated it’s a great place to work, and that’s likely due to the fact that the company offers wellness advantages, home buyer benefits, adoption benefits, the Baptist Health Market, and competitive compensation. Registered Nurses earn $73,326 on average, and Nurse Practitioners earn $107,167 annually.

4. NuStar Energy, the public energy company, wants their employees to succeed. The company offers a pension plan, a close relationship to the CEO Bradley Barron, college tuition reimbursement and scholarships, annual trainings, and cultural celebrations. The compensation for a Senior Terminal Operator is $87,835 and $98,082 for a Terminal Manager. Approximately 20 percent of employees are Hispanic/Latino and 93 percent of those employees say it’s a great workplace. The company offers lactation rooms, offsite subsidized childcare and number of other benefits.

3. Hyatt Hotels Corporation, the international Chicago-based hotel chain, offers their employees complimentary travel, 401(K), full-time concierge services, college tuition reimbursement, rest and relaxation lounges, free on-site dry cleaning and healthy cost effective meals. Approximately 63 percent are non-white and 28 percent of employees are Hispanic/Latino. Nearly 100 percent (96 percent) or employees surveyed said the Hyatt was a great workplace. The average salary for a Room Attendant is $31,440 and compensation for the Assistant Front Office Manager is $46,369.

2. More than a third of labor force at Camden Property Trust, the Houston-based apartment builder and management company, is Hispanic/Latino (35 percent). Also, 97 percent of Hispanic employees surveyed said it’s a great workplace. Vacation suites, scholarships, sporting event tickets, employee share purchase programs and compensation packages are made available to employees. The average salary for a Leasing Consultant is $40,331 and the average salary for a Community Manager is $80,180.

1. Ultimate Software, the HR software company, has a diverse workplace, where 17 percent of its employees are Hispanic/Latino. Nearly 100 percent (97 percent) or Hispanic/Latino employees are happy with their workplace. The company offers 100 percent employer-paid medical coverage, 100 percent equity participation, expenses-paid new-hire orientation, no non-compete agreements, and a number of perks designed to make life easier for employees. They also offer a number of resources for parents and the elderly, and onsite health benefits.

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