From The Latin Post: Meet Soledad O’Brien and the Story Behind Her ‘I am Latino in America’ Tour

Staff Writer, – Feb 23, 2016

Soledd_OBriend_latino-in-america-at-occidental-college_600Soledad O’Brien has been making waves for being the host of the “I am Latino in America” tour. Here are some interesting facts on one of the top journalists in the world and how she started the tour.

How the Tour Started

The first “I am Latino in America” tour happened at Florida International University in Miami in September 2015, just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month. Previously, O’Brien hosted the hit series “Latino in America” on CNN. The show started in 2009 while the tour launched six years later. Ingeñuity, a growth agency based in Kansas that links brands, people and backgrounds, is the driving force behind the tour. The company is headed by David Chavez and his wife Sarah. The couple also worked with O’Brien on the CNN show. O’Brien reportedly talked to Chavez about collaborating for the project.

“What we wanted to do was do what we do best, take an event and take it to the highest level in terms of red carpet, the kind of panelists that Soledad wanted, a mixture of celebrities, community leaders and experts,” said Chavez in an interview.

The tour also went to the University of Texas in the Rio Grande Valley and Occidental College in Los Angeles.

Why the Tour is Special

The tour became popular because of its interactive nature. Panelists featured a wide range of personalities such as Congressman Rubén Hinojosa and comedian Cristela Alonzo. Those who attended “I am Latino in America” were given the opportunity to ask questions and participate in social media. Every tour event was divided into segments, which dicuss the 2016 election, economy, education and media. One of the most important aspects of the tour is the privilege that attendees have to share their personal experiences. The tour provided a voice to a lot of vulnerable individuals.

In 2016, more than 4,000 college students teamed up with local and national Latino leaders during the initial three stops of the tour. More cities and dates have been added to the tour’s schedule this year.

The “I am Latino in America” team is looking for new potential markets aside from colleges and universities. O’Brien is also looking for other opportunities to create quality content through social media and her own production company.

Based on the reception of attendees, the “I am Latino in America” tour is expected to stay popular, empowering Latinos for a long time.

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