From The Latin Post: Five High-Paying Jobs for Latinos in the U.S.

Maureen Bongat, – Dec 28, 2015


NEW YORK – MAY 24: Moira Sauvane works as a cancer researcher at Columbia University May 24, 2005 in New York City. Javier Garcia, an Argentinian-American and a third-year psychiatric resident, and Moira Sauvane, an Argentinian and a post doctoral cancer researcher, are among the best tango dancing couples in the world. For the last three years they danced the tango almost every evening, three to four hours a night, somewhere in New York City where they now live. Their tango is unique, in that they come together in a passionate dance dialogue where they exchange lead, in a constant form of improvisation. Their relationship is also unique. Moira is married to another man. (Photo by David Turnley/Getty Images) (Photo : David Turnley / Staff)

Being employed is crucial for everyone’s social integration, mental and physical health, self-realization and well-being. That’s why it’s important that every Latino should have a job. It enables them to get busy and focused in life. Employment also gives them the feeling of self-worth and respect. And above all, it paves the way for them to be financially stable while giving them the opportunity to buy everything they need.

Still unsure what career to get into? Here is a list of in-demand and the highest-paying jobs for Latin Americans:

Advertising and Marketing

Average annual pay: $108,260

Because of an increasing number of marketers and advertisers catering to Latino consumers, the demand for Latinos to fill these positions is now getting in demand. In fact, according to the Association of National Advertisers, “88 percent of US marketers say they are targeting Hispanic consumers via digital media.”

Software Engineer

Average annual pay: $96,392

People are now getting more and more dependent with technology that’s why software and internet related jobs are also getting more in demand. Software engineers are what every company or business needs. As stated by MSN, they are the masters needed especially in building apps perfect for their business or company’s internal use.


Average annual pay: $75,000

This job is perfect for Latinos who have the heart to help people. According to Cosmopolitan, “Barely 5 percent of registered nurses are Latino, not nearly enough to cater to the growing Latino population in the US.” In fact, nursing continues to spike growth compared to other job profession. That’s why this job still has plenty of space to fill.

Construction Supervisors and Managers

Average annual pay: $83,360

Latinos make up an important role in the construction field, that’s why supervisors and managers who can relate more with the workers are greatly needed. Others might think that there’s no room for women in this field. But in fact, studies have shown that the percentage of women working in the field continues to grow.


Average annual pay: $111,000

This job is considered as one of the top careers in 2012. Being bilingual is essential for this job especially in selling products for companies and aiding patients on assisting them to take their medication. Because most Latinos are bilingual, this profession has been in demand them due to language barriers.

Other highest-paying jobs Latinos should consider are human resources specialist, sales engineer, business development manager, UX designer, and database administrator.

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