Julissa Arce: From Undocumented to SELF MADE, Part One

The odds were always stacked against Julissa Arce in America. She didn’t speak English. She was apart from her family for most of her life. She couldn’t apply for financial aid as a senior in high school ready for college. She was alone in the world with a giant secret—the unfortunate fact that she was undocumented. Yet despite every obstacle, ...

From Medium: 5 Things You Need to Do Before You Quit Your Job and Start Your Own Business

Medium, June 3, 2016 Who doesn’t want to start their own business? It’s easy to get restless in your job, to feel so bored and sick of following someone else’s playbook that youknow it has to be better on the other side. As an entrepreneur, you dictate your own work schedule, set your daily goals, and pursue your passion ...

From Latina: 7 Insider Secrets That will Help You Fund Your Small Business

Robyn Moreno, Latina – June 1, 2016 As the founder of the Adelante Movement and the former president of entertainment for Telemundo, Cuban-American Nely Galán, has traveled the country many times coaching Latinas through their entrepreneurial goals and challenges, and helping us kick-start our dreams. Her mantra? Choose Yourself. RELATED: Get to Know Inspiring Latina Nely Gal

Meet Candy Ramirez, Owner of Candy’s Cakes

“Adelante was a turning point for me,” says Candy. “For the first time, I was around other women who had careers while also raising families. It showed me I could do that too.” She was determined to turn her baking hobby into a profitable career.

Francesca Kennedy Helps the Guatemalan Water Crisis Through her Sandals

Meet Francesca Kennedy, the founder of Ix Style, a socially conscious fashion company that donates 15% of their profits to provide clean drinking water to children in Guatemala where her family is originally from. As their website explains, “Ix” is the Mayan word for water, one of the most essential, magical, and transformative substances in the world. Many have called Guatemala’s ...

Meet Jovanka Ciares: Music Exec Turned Wellness Coach Extraordinaire

Be honest: wouldn’t you kill for a glamourous job in the music industry working with artists like Beyoncé and Jay-Z? That was Jovanka Ciares, a Puerto Rican music executive who loved her New York City lifestyle and its culture of opportunity. Jovanka hustled and thrived, even though her job came with stress, given long hours and constant dealings with such ...