Resources For East Asian Women-Owned Businesses

Asian American women are dominating on every level. Per the 2018 American Express State of Women-Owned Businesses report, today, more than 1 million Asian-American women-owned firms are generating more than $202 million in revenue. East Asian women have headed up Fortune 500 companies and innovated new products. And  Asian-American owned businesses are also most likely to staff up, providing ...

Resources For African American Women-Owned Businesses

Starting your own business may seem insanely intimidating for anyone, but here at SELF MADE, we want you to know there is absolutely nothing holding you back. There are abundant African American women business resources to tap into women-led businesses and the billions of dollars they contribute to the economy.  As an African American woman, you will be among great ...

Resources For Women-Owned Businesses

How to Find Funding, Training, and Support for Your Startup Business If you’re a hard-working woman who’s thought about setting up your own shop, you’ve probably heard a ton of terrifying stats. It seems like everyone has a “good reason” why you shouldn’t follow your dream. Here at SELF MADE, we call nonsense. Because there are a ton of stats that ...