From The LA Times: Sandra Cisneros opens up in ‘A House of My Own’

Rigoberto González, – Oct 1, 2015 Sandra Cisneros has worked hard to surpass the reputation of “The House on Mango Street,” the tale of a Mexican American girl coming of age in Chicago. In the 31 years since that novel was published, she has written short story collections, books of poetry, a children’s book and another novel — but that early ...

From CNN: Meet the woman behind the woman on the $10 bill

MJ Lee, – Jul 22, 2015 Rosie Rios notices when women are missing in action. The 43rd treasurer of the United States is keenly aware, for example, that on the third floor of the Treasury Department, there is not a single woman among the portraits of the country’s ex-treasury secretaries. And in the male-dominated world of finance, female senior executives are few and ...

From NBC News: Smithsonian Portrays Civil Rights Struggle Through Dolores Huerta

Melanie Bencosme, – Jul 3, 2015 When she viewed a National Portrait Gallery exhibit portraying the height of her farmworker activism, Dolores Huerta was struck by a snapshot of civil rights leader Cesar Chavez seated next to her while she lay in a hospital bed. “I was beaten up by the police,” Huerta told NBC News, referring to a 1988 incident where ...

La Jaxx: the Colombian Street Artist who Advocates for Women Through Art

Women’s Empowerment Through Public Art It’s one thing to scroll the newsfeed of our various social media platforms day in and day out, where we’re constantly bombarded with all varieties of information, from election issues to the merits of overnight oats. But it’s an entirely different experience to walk down our city streets and literally see signs that speak directly to us, ...

Francesca Kennedy Helps the Guatemalan Water Crisis Through her Sandals

Meet Francesca Kennedy, the founder of Ix Style, a socially conscious fashion company that donates 15% of their profits to provide clean drinking water to children in Guatemala where her family is originally from. As their website explains, “Ix” is the Mayan word for water, one of the most essential, magical, and transformative substances in the world. Many have called Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan ...