Meet Soraya Thornton: Designer and Owner of La Costa Organic Jewelry

As women, our path to becoming self-made isn’t always linear. Soraya Thornton’s story is one of continual evolution, reinvention and renewal, which began at a young age when she moved from Colombia to the U.S. At different stages of her life, Soraya has begun anew, learned a new skill and embarked upon a new journey.

Soraya was enjoying a successful career in computer sales, when she started a family and had two children. After realizing she wanted to spend more time with her children, Soraya decided to leave her job and become a teacher at their school. She went back to college, learned a whole new skill set and earned a new degree as a teacher.

While Soraya was teaching, she took up a hobby designing jewelry which quickly became a side hustle. Women fell in love with her designs and her sales started to take off. When Soraya saw her jewelry was a great business opportunity, she reinvented her life again. She left teaching, took out a business loan and put all her energy into her jewelry business, following her passion to make women feel confident and beautiful.

Today, La Costa Organic Jewelry is thriving. Soraya designs and sells beautiful, high-end jewelry at luxury stores and boutiques, and she’s continuing to evolve and expand. Soraya loves owning a business and she wants to give other women the same opportunity. She started an ambassador program and invites women to make a flexible income by selling La Costa jewelry. For women interested in becoming an ambassador, visit

4 Lessons to Take from Soraya Right Now


Price Your Product Based on its Value

When Soraya started figuring out how much to charge for her jewelry, she went through a process of trial and error, testing different price points. Ultimately she cracked the code on how to price her jewelry not just based on the cost of labor and materials, but based on the value it held for her customers.

Don’t Be Afraid to Charge High Rates

Soraya discovered it takes the same amount of effort to sell a piece of jewelry for $20 as it does to sell it for $300. When she realized she was charging too little, she decided to increase prices and people still purchased. This gave her confidence that charging higher rates was the right thing to do.

Don’t Marginalize Yourself

When Soraya started her business, her vision was to break into the luxury jewelry market. She started by reaching out to high-end locations and landed her first account at the Ritz Carlton. When she saw open doors, she took advantage of them.  

Save Yourself First, Then Save the World

You can only be philanthropic if you have money to give. Soraya has made money through La Costa Organic Jewelry, and is now able to make significant charitable donations to the organizations she supports.