Meet Beatriz Porto: Co-Owner of the Family Business Porto’s Bakery & Café

To Beatriz Porto, being self-made means keeping her mother’s dreams, ambitions and entrepreneurial spirit alive. Beatriz comes from a legacy of self-employed women who shaped their own destinies through hard work, determination and even reinventing their lives. When Beatriz’s mother relocated to the United States from Cuba, she was driven by a desire to survive and see her children thrive, and she began supporting her family with her passion for baking.

Beatriz carries on this tradition as one of the three Porto’s siblings who co-own their family business, Porto’s Bakery & Café.  An incredible baker and even sharper business woman, Beatriz has worked with her brother and sister to grow their business from a mom-and-pop shop to owning 4 locations (and a 5th opening soon), serving up to 10 to 15,000 guests on Saturdays, who flock to enjoy their Cuban cuisine.

The Porto’s family business is built on a foundation of loving each other, being good to each other and having each other’s backs, which gives Beatriz a sense of belonging when she goes to work. To her, going to work feels like home.

4 Things to Take From Beatriz Right Now

Embrace the Immigrant Mentality

When Beatriz’s mother emigrated to the U.S. from Cuba, she started her baking business with a keen understanding that nothing is guaranteed. She was frugal, thrifty and invested what she made back into the business, laying a solid foundation for the future growth and expansion of Porto’s bakery.

Get an Education

Even if it doesn’t relate to your family’s business, Beatriz advises that getting an education is still important. It opens your mind to opportunities, people and cultures, and empowers you to feel like you can succeed on your own before joining the family business.

Learn the Food Business before Starting Your Own

90 percent of food businesses go out of business in 6 months, so Beatriz recommends the best way to make it as an owner in the industry is to put in the time to learn the business before you start you own. Work all aspects at someone else’s establishment – front of the house and back of the house. While you’re working and learning, save money to invest in and fund your own business.  

Instill a Sense of Purpose in the Younger Generation

Involving your children in the family business or family projects teaches them about work ethics, humility, responsibility, and the value of money. It shows them they also have the possibility to earn money and paves the way for them to become entrepreneurs or part of the family business.