Meet Maya Murillo: Self-Made 22 Year-old Social Media Star

Instead of a quinceañera party when she turned 15, Maya Murillo opted for a website domain name instead, and her brand Maya in the Moment was born. Ever since, Maya has been inspiring online followers to live in the moment with lots of comedy, music, body positivity, lazy girl fashion, and beauty tips.

Maya comes from a family of entrepreneurs, including her mother, Crafty Chica, and she has always looked to her parents as inspiration to do what you love and work hard to be successful. While still in school, she turned her hobby for video creation into her side hustle. Channeling her creativity, humor and social media savviness, she grew the Maya in the Moment brand, attracted thousands of followers and began to make money by working with major brands.

Now a social media star and a producer for BuzzFeed’s Pero Like, an initiative celebrating Latinx voices, experiences and viewpoints, Maya dreams of one day starting her own network and inspiring others to become self-made.

4 Things to Take From Maya Right Now

Utilize the Power of Social Media (Your Kids Can Help You!)

Social media and online platforms are excellent ways to connect with your business’s audience. They enable you to create relationships and build human connection with the people your brand or business serves. Your kids can be the best helpers with your business’s social media. The younger generation is an expert on social media, giving you refreshing input and perspective.

Create with Purpose

Being a brand or content creator is an opportunity to inspire and influence people in a way that brings meaning and purpose to their lives. Use your social media and online platforms for a purpose that creates positive impact.

Originality, Authenticity & Relatability Lead to Online Success

Being yourself and creating content that people relate to goes a long way on social media. It doesn’t have to be perfect and polished – originality, authenticity and relatability are what inspire people to connect with you on a personal level.

Consistency Is Key

When building a brand online, it’s important for your brand identity to be consistent across platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. While each platform is unique and requires different types of content, the brand essence and name should remain the same.