Meet Kathy Cano-Murillo: Career Crafter and Social Media Superstar

Kathy Murillo has a personal mantra: I do my best when I’m happy, which means that she chooses to make a living doing what she loves. That’s what she calls “the magic formula to life.” Her a-ha moment came when she made a pair of earrings off of one sheet of watercolor paper, which she took to a boutique on a whim. Much to her surprise, the owner asked for twelve more pairsproving to Kathy that her success was right at her fingertips.

Intent on honing her skills as a multi-media creative and simultaneously earn a steady income, Kathy got a job at a local paper, where she climbed the ranks from paper-shredder to news clerk, and ultimately to craft columnist, where her readership grew exponentially, thanks to her willingness to master the Internet and social media. By the time her website traffic was high enough, she left the paper to become a crafting spokesperson, and after that went out on her own to, as she says, “spread the gospel of glitter,” and became Crafty Chica, crafting superstar, blogger and author, which combined multiple streams of income from all her work and skill-sets into a dynamic, self-made career.

4 Lessons to Take from Kathy Right Now

Understand the Power of Declaring Yourself

On her wedding night, she and her husband set the intention to make a living writing, making music and art. Their path was laid out by saying it out loud.

Embrace Social Media, Even if it Scares You

While a crafting columnist at the paper, Kathy realized that using social media she could create even more exposure for her crafts. So she doubled down, and in time forged a following that would lay the foundation of her success.

Harness the Importance of Mission and Money

Kathy started out working as a news clerk at a local paper to make ends meet. That’s how she stayed afloat financially, but also how she created exposure for her crafts.

Commit to Your Own Evolution

After working at the newspaper for years, Kathy went on to become a crafting spokesperson, which she saw as “the perfect bridge” before ultimately going out on her own.