Meet Dr. Yasmin Davidds: Turning Tragedy into Triumph

Imagine the trauma of being shot at with a gun—
by your own father. Would you ever be the same again? Yasmin Davidds not only recovered, but actually used the very pain of this experience to propel her forward as an inspired survivor, educator, businesswoman and author. It was by no means an easy road for her, one that came with bouts of low self-esteem and a crushing personal issues. But with lion-like strength, perseverance, and a little help from the universe, Yasmin pulled through and soared into her own.

Today Yasmin Davidds is Dr. Yasmin Davidds, with a brand built on helping women exist in a safe space to share their truths, and a business that allows her to live and thrive in the world on her terms.

4 Lessons to Take from Yasmin Right Now

Dare to Declare Yourself

Yasmin intuitively knew that having the “Dr.” prefix before her name would more easily poise her to receive attention and open more doors. So earning a doctorate was less about a desire to be a doctor—and mostly about declaring herself to the world.

You Have to Clear Out the Cobwebs

As it often happens, Yasmin found herself numbing the pain of her traumas with drugs. But her willingness to seek help, detox and cleanse herself cleared the way for her to overcome with grace and strength.

Your Pain is Your Path

No one wants to focus on pain—it almost feels counter-intuitive. But it was precisely the pain of her childhood abuse that became the blueprint to build a brand around helping other women overcome their own

Be Willing to Walk Away

When Yasmin started seeing success as an author she was pursued by investors who wanted to grow her brand. When they asked her to sign paperwork that would essentially make her theirs, she took a huge risk and walked away from the whole deal.